Baby Room Ideas Small Nursery

Baby Room Ideas – Waiting to find out your baby’s s*x? Creating a shared, multi-gender space? Just sick of the traditional boy vs. girl nurseries?

We rounded up the best color schemes and nursery decor ideas for a gender-neutral space.

So whether you’re having a girl, a boy, or one of each — these baby nursery ideas are brilliant:

Baby Room Ideas

Baby Room Ideas

Whether you’re starting from scratch or sprucing up what you already have, these baby nursery ideas are sure to inspire. You’ll find fun ideas (jungle-theme nursery, anyone?), DIY nursery decor, nursery wall art, and much more.

Walk on the Wild Side

The key to a jungle-theme nursery? Don’t get too wild. Limit the theme to accents, like the giraffe head mount, faux fur throw, and brightly patterned rug in this gray nursery. The subtlety allows for an easy change of room style as the child ages.

Baby Blues

Blue isn’t just for boys. A blue nursery is a peaceful escape for any gender. This baby nursery captures eclectic style with butterfly wallpaper, dreamy drapery, a midcentury chest of drawers, and a dazzling chandelier.

Make a Statement

For a cheap nursery idea that looks expensive, try a statement wall. You’ll keep costs down by only decking out one wall while adding character with a bold print or color. This bright wallpaper, for example, is the perfect backdrop for personalized nursery wall art.

Pretty in Pink

A traditional girl’s nursery doesn’t have to be stuffy. Keep it fresh with light colors and patterns. Floral wallpaper and drapes add contrast, while white carpeting keeps things neutral. Oversize stuffed animals add playful style.


Play with Space

It’s OK to embrace the architecture and character of your space. Natural features like exposed beams and a vaulted ceiling enhance this rustic nursery. An unfinished wood crib and gallery wall of vintage mirrors adds to the rustic charm.

Keep It Neutral

Waiting to find out if it’s a boy or a girl? A white room with bright pops of color is the perfect gender-neutral nursery idea. Plus, you can still have a theme! This baby nursery idea features painted raindrops and a blue crystal chandelier.

Modern Look

If you want to incorporate modern furniture, like an acrylic crib, into your baby nursery but fear a cold and overly sophisticated look, try adding playful elements for balanced style. Colorful nursery artwork, for example, adds dimension and can be changed as the child grows.

Chalk Time

For super easy DIY nursery decor, look no further than a chalkboard wall. It’s pretty, practical, and turns into a great doodle space as your child grows. This baby nursery uses it as a space for Bible verses and inspiring quotes.

Under the Sea

You won’t have to dive deep to re-create this ocean-theme nursery. Just use a lot of textures. A chevron rug, grass-cloth wallcoverings, and a velvet sofa add different dimensions to this nursery while sticking to a common color palette. The blue nursery idea makes monochromatic look magical.

Light and Dark

Navy blue nursery walls sound dark and daunting, but they can actually look fresh. The trick is to bring attention to other parts of the room with light and fun patterns. This baby nursery features a huge window that allows plenty of light, as well as an eclectic striped rug and bright red accents.

Arctic Circle

Pay homage to up North with an Arctic-inspired nursery. Go for light blue walls and lots of warm white texture. This baby nursery, for example, features a shag rug, tree-trunk-inspired stool, and cuddly bedding all in a cozy cream palette. Arctic animal artwork brings the baby nursery theme full circle.

In the Clouds

Let your little one’s imagination run wild with a fun wall print and bright colors. The black-and-white baby nursery mural amps up boring white walls to pair with a bold yellow ceiling. A cloud-shape rug keeps the room’s imagination alive.

Lots of Art

Nursery wall art can be tough to choose since kids’ tastes change so fast. Here, wall stickers create a basic frame so the contents inside can continuously change. This nursery uses wall stickers as a spot to showcase artwork.

All Grown Up

A neutral room makes it easy to switch from a crib to a bed without a total makeover. Soft blues and browns work for both an infant and a growing boy. Large stuffed animals and a toddler bedding set that matches the rest of the room keep the look cohesive.

20 Beautiful Baby Boy Nursery Room Design

When trying to figure out the best design for a baby boy nursery room, we often find ourselves lost in a sea of cliches. One of the first steps when creating a decor is choosing the color palette. Here’s where it gets difficult. It’s not easy to ignore the obvious choices and to turn your attention to other options. This is also valid when designing baby girls nurseries. But we’ll talk more about that in another article. Let’s now focus on the boys and the best options for their first rooms.

Baby Room Ideas
Try to maintain a bright and airy atmosphere in the room

Although it has become a symbol and a defining color for boys and pink the color for girls, there are lots of other options as well. So try to be different and to distance yourself from the cliches.

Baby Room IdeasInclude fun elements like this area rug for example

Baby Room Ideas
 Play with patterns and prints and you won’t need a lot of color
Baby Room Idea
The vintage-nautical décor looks beautiful in this nursery

Green, yellow or turquoise can be wonderful alternatives. Once you’ve chosen the colors, you can also think of a theme for the décor. For a baby boy, you could choose a nautical theme and have pirate ships and maps on the walls and navy blue stripes. Of course, a theme is not necessarily something you have to think of. You can simply try to make the room as beautiful and cozy as possible.

Baby Room Idea
Baby Room Idea
If you’d rather avoid blue, try using turquoise instead

Baby Room Idea
The nautical theme is very suitable for a baby boy nursery

Baby Room Idea
Decorate the walls with friendly pieces. Animals are a safe choice

Baby Room Idea
Use wallpaper to create an accent wall and use color with measure

Baby Room Idea
Vibrant hints of color on a minimalist background stand out even more
Baby Room Idea
Play with shapes and dimensions to create a fun design

Baby Room Idea
Curtains are a must in the nursery room and they’re a great way of adding color

Baby Room Idea
Another nautical-themed nursery featuring all sorts of lovely decorations

Baby Room Idea
The colors and patterns are repeated throughout the room

Baby Room Idea
An interesting mix of geometric forms and patterns on a blue background
Baby Room Idea
Create a visual décor by mixing colors and patterns but be cohesive
Baby Room Idea
Wall decals are fun to work with and they can really cheer up the atmopshere
Baby Room Idea
Decals can make a minimalist décor look fun and friendly

Also, don’t limit yourself to what décor details that everyone seems to think are suitable for baby boy nurseries. Try to think out of the box. The décor should be serene and tranquil but also fun and cheerful. But using a lot of color and lots of vibrant shades is not exactly a great choice. Instead of overwhelming the space with color, try instead to create focal points ina more subtle way.

7 Big Ideas For a Small Nursery

baby room ideas

If your nursery has limited space, don’t cram too much in – it will make the room hard to use and feel even smaller. Small is beautiful and less really can be more.

Your baby needs to sleep in the same room as you for the first six months. But you can still use your baby’s nursery as a play area, clothes store and changing room until he’s older.

Here are some practical ideas on how to make the most of a small nursery.

1. Think Tall Furniture, not Wide

baby room ideas

Use the height of the room and choose tall rather than wide furniture. Think about buying a single-door wardrobe and adapting it to your needs.

You could fit a few more hanging rails for your baby clothes, and shoe racks and storage boxes could slot in nicely at the bottom.

If you have space on top of the wardrobe, pack anything you don’t use very often into plastic drawers or baskets and keep them on top.

Canvas wardrobes come in all shapes and sizes. Bear in mind that they’re not heavy so they’re easy to pull over.

For safety, make sure you secure tall furniture to the wall with a bracket or two.

2. Multi-functional furniture

baby room ideas

Multi-functional furniture, such as a storage bench that you can use both as a toy chest and a seat, saves space and money.

Changing units have drawers or shelves for all your nappy-changing supplies. Some have space underneath to tidy away boxes and baskets.

If you don’t have room for a changing unit, try an over-cot changer. It fits across the top of your baby’s cot and can be used separately once your toddler moves to a bed.

If you choose a cot-bed that converts into a full-sized bed, you won’t have to store the cot when you no longer need it. Some co-sleepers convert into playpens, so you can carry on using it once your baby’s outgrown it.

3. Make use of wall space

baby room ideas

Another option for nappy changing is a wall-mounted changing unit, which folds up against the wall when not you’re not using it.

Most have storage pockets for all your nappy-changing accessories. You could also put up some shelves, with enough space between them to fit boxes and baskets.

Your baby may only have a few books to begin with, but his library will grow! Until then, a bookcase is useful storage for things like toys or bedding. Again, don’t forget to make sure that tall furniture is secured to the wall.

Hanging nets are a safe, easy way to store your newborn’s teddies and toys. You can also find nappy holders to hang on the wall. Alternatively, just use hooks to hang up bags or anything else that takes up space.

Over-door hangers or hooks are useful for hanging nappy bags and laundry bags. You can also use shoe organisers on the back of the door – they’re great for storing nappies too.

4. Folding furniture

baby room ideas

Try portable or collapsible drawers for storing items under the cot or bed. Don’t use them for storing potentially dangerous items such as nappy bags or toiletries.

Travel cots take up less space and can be folded away when not needed.

Folding bassinets that double as playpens are also available, and some have wheels for moving from one room to another. They usually come with a carrier bag, so you can put it away when you’re not using it.

5. Extra storage ideas

baby room ideas

Storage bags that you can vacuum-pack yourself are ideal for storing teddies, clothes and bedding. They’re airtight and flatten the contents without damaging them. You can safely store the bags under beds and wardrobes.

6. The illusion of space

baby room ideas

Room corners are often left bare, so think about corner cupboards or shelving and corner hanging nets. Corner changing tables use less floor space and your baby’s legs will be facing you, which you may find easier for nappy changing.

Some wall colours can make a room feel bigger or smaller. Choose soft, pastel colours for a more spacious feel.

If you prefer vivid colours, use a pale colour for the base and a bright, stronger colour for detail. If the room has a low ceiling, vertical stripes on one of the walls create an illusion of height.

Mirrors create a sense of space and come in fun patterns and shapes for children’s rooms. A mirror opposite a window adds more light and sparkle to a room too.

Mirrors are often heavy, so do make sure it’s securely attached to the wall.

7. Consider other options

baby room ideas

If there isn’t room for a nursery essential or something you’ve set your heart on, think about other options.

For example, many mums put the changing table in the bathroom or just use a changing mat. This can be used in any room and easily stored away.

You could put your feeding chair in your bedroom or living room. There are smaller, less expensive feeding chairs on the market, so shop around.

Some have a sloped back, arm and headrests and a footstool. Many bounce gently rather than rock, but are comfortable and supportive. They’re also useful if you don’t want your baby to rely on motion to sleep.

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